PVC Refillable Bullet Journal Binder (A5) - Glitter
  • PVC Refillable Bullet Journal Binder (A5) - Glitter

    The Glitter PVC A5 Refillable Binders can be used as bullet journals, notebooks, planners, and more! The metal rings provide durability and structure, while the plastic (PVC) cover allow for flexibility. Each binder has a metal snap button closure. The flexibility in these binders make them lightweight, durable, and easy to be stacked with other supplies in a purse or backpack. These three glitter options are relatively opaque and create a level of privacy. One cannot read the pages of your notes, plans, and drawings through the cover.


    Each binder does NOT come with A5 paper. The refill A5 paper is available in several options under the "Refillable Notebooks and Binders" tab under "SHOP".  

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