Lihit Lab Pastello Twist Ring Refillable Notebook - Lined (B5)
  • Lihit Lab Pastello Twist Ring Refillable Notebook - Lined (B5)

    The beauty of the Twist Ring Notebook is the ability to rearrange sheets of notes, refill with new paper, and the durability of covers. The Pastello collection offers bright pastels in a variety of colors, allowing you to organize by subject, semester, or topic. The front and back plastic covers of the Twist Ring Notebook don't bend and crease easily, protecting your notes. The plastic spine of the notebook does not bend easily and has a seamless open mechanism. Watch the video on how to open and close the spine of the notebook. The Twist Ring is a game changer for lecture-based courses with lots of notes. The ability to rearrange, rewrite, and reorganize your notes is unique and should be an essential in every student's backpack. The Twist Ring Notebook can hold 60 sheets. There is refill paper available in lined and graph paper (B5). The lined paper is 80 gsm and has 6mm wide lines. The notebook is 0.2 inches thick and  9.9 inches by 7.3 inches. 



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