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The "Best" Way To Study?

Several months ago, I posted a series of questions on our company's Instagram stories asking how students study. They were asked about the various methods the utilized like flashcards, rewriting notes, practicing problems, etc. The final question of the series was, "Do you feel you know the best study method for you?" The majority of students answered, "No." I found this quite shocking as many organized, motivated, and detail-oriented students follow our Instagram. How was it that students that spend time on how they will organize their notes, what pens they use, what kind of paper, what kind of color coding system, and what kind of study schedule they use were also the same students that felt unclear about how to effectively learn material and study for a particular exam effectively.

After several conversations with friends at various different universities, I found that many did not understand how they best learned or how to best study for a particular professor's exam. Some felt as if they were going through the motions and did not step back and take the time to understand the strategy behind what they were doing.

Test taking in college can be a series of fluctuations of high-stress times and low-stress times. These rapid fluctuations leave us in mindset that focuses only on the tasks at hand, rather than strategizing the long term preparations, new practices, and new resources we can implement in order to manage time, budget time to learn and review all content covered on an exam, and the most effective way to learn that content.

In a blur of Google Docs, Quizlet, and Powerpoints, we believe bullet journaling and effective note taking can help many students prepare for these stressful times and difficult courses. Preparing effectively for the week or the semester can help shape our future careers and dreams.

The Solution

That's where you come in.... we want to hear YOUR opinions, best practices, and methods on how to tackle certain subjects, exam weeks, and self care. Share your thoughts via social media with us.

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